How Red Bull uses social media

An overview of how Red Bull uses social media. Red Bull are probably one of the biggest brands around who use social media well and in an engaging way and a lot can be taken from how they use it and applied to businesses of all sizes.

There are an array of social media platforms available to companies today – and if you’re new to it it’s probably a bit daunting and hard to know how to use it effectively. Looking at how Red Bull uses social media can give a good idea of the ways each social media platform can be used for different things and inspiration as to how to use it.

So what are our choices? There’s: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, tumblr, to name but a few. Which ones are suited to your brand is down to you, but to give you a start, lets take a look at how Red Bull uses 3 of the biggest social media sites; Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


I have previously written a blog post on how Red Bull have stepped away from being an energy drinks company and instead have successfully positioned themselves as a sports and lifestyle brand. Their current marketing efforts are no exception and reflect this culture and new brand positioning perfectly.

Red Bull use their Facebook page thoroughly, posting images which are relevant to their sports and lifestyle identity, from skiing, surfing and racing to extreme sports. The vast majority of their Facebook posts are also images, which has been proven to be one of the most successful Facebook posts in terms of shares, views and likes vs normal text based / link posts.

How Red Bull uses social media



Next in my discussion of how Red Bull uses social media, is how they use Instagram. I’m sure you’re probably wondering why I haven’t included Twitter? The main reason is because it is used very similarly to Facebook.

There is a huge amount of buzz surrounding the Red Bull brand, across a variety of industries due to how broad Red Bull’s offering is from all their sponsorships and I think Red Bull use Instagram very well to meet each of these different areas and really portray what the brand stands for and their culture.

How Red Bull uses social media

As you can see, they post a variety of images and videos from a range of sports and events – all reflecting their image as a lifestyle brand. The reason why I feel this works particularly well for them is because at this view, there are no words, titles or descriptions to explain why they’ve posted these images. You just view them all as a collage and instantly pick up on the brands vibe and culture. I personally think is one of the best ways Instagram can be used by a company and is very easy to replicate for your own company.


Finally, in my list of how Red Bull uses social media is how they (effectively) use Pinterest. A very similar strategy to that of Instagram and Facebook, but the thing that works particularly well is how they’ve segmented each part of their brand.

Each Pinterest board represents a different area of their business, from biking, snow sports, skateboarding and racing, to extreme sports and Red Bull’s own events, sponsorships and athletes. This really allows you to get a feel of the brand, their culture and how involved they are with this lifestyle – again really reinforcing their brand position as a lifestyle brand, no longer just an energy drinks company.

Pinterest works so well for Red Bull because it’s so simple. All it takes is some time for someone to ‘pin’ a few images, find / create a relevant board and repeat. It truly is very effective marketing for the brand and again can be easily replicated to any company, if you have a worthy company culture you want to promote.

How Red Bull uses social media

As mentioned previously, images are the top form of social media post, so what better way in terms of how Red Bull uses social media, than to use a social media site where it was created solely to post and repost other images? I honestly don’t believe it even matters that the majority are third-party images. What matters is that you understand what they’re all about from the images and what kind of personality they’re trying to promote.

I think that about wraps up my overview of how Red Bull uses social media. What are your thoughts on their social media efforts? Do you think there is anything they could be doing differently, or better perhaps? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, or come find me on Twitter – I’d love to hear you thoughts. Thanks!