H&M Superbowl tcommerce advert

At this years’ Super Bowl, high street fashion retailer, H&M, launched a 30 second advert which allowed viewers to purchase the featured products via a Smart TV – and which is now being titled as ‘tcommerce’.

The H&M Superbowl tcommerce advert is being heralded as “the first of its kind” and was hugely successful for H&M, in terms of PR and word of mouth.

Brands from all over the world and of all company sizes have been keen to incorporate digital uses into their day-to-day brand life, from shop window displays and in-store experiences to social media use, promo codes and QR codes.

H&M superbowl tcommerce advert

Although similar techniques have been tried previously, (Jaeger created something similar, which allowed people to buy items which models wore during an online filmed catwalk) the H&M Superbowl tcommerce advert is still classed as ‘the first of its kind’ and has placed the brand ahead of the competition.

It’s certainly intriguing as to not only what H&M will do from this point, but also what will other brands do now?

What are your thoughts on this style of advertising and what do you think about the H&M Superbowl tcommerce advert? What do you think brands will do from here and what do you see the future holding for advertising? I’d love to hear your thoughts and predictions, so please feel free to share in the comments section below, or chat to me on Twitter – thanks!