8 ways to improve your digital marketing strategies

I recently came across a good overview of how to develop and improve digital marketing strategies. I thought it was a nice level of insight, so I have decided highlight and elaborate on some of the key points to help you improve digital marketing strategies.

The original post was from the CIM and as I said was a great overview, however that’s all it really was – an overview. I’m hoping the below tips to improve your digital marketing strategies will be of some interest and value to you, take a look:

1. Multichannel Marketing

It isn’t enough to roll out your adwords campaign complimented by your marketing email campaign, everything must be integrated together. Your campaign is no longer a singular item (e.g. online advertising) but a whole package – so consider social media, online advertising, your website, blogging, videos etc… To improve your marketing strategies, make it work across as many channels as possible.

2. Focus on the customer

Marketing is all about knowing your audience. If you don’t know who your audience is, then you don’t know what they’re looking for, what you should be saying to them, where you should be saying, why you’re saying it and how you should be saying it. This exact same rule applies to marketing to them online. Customers have very different behaviours and wants online, so make sure you really understand them before you begin marketing to them.

3. Lead with content

Similar to my above point – once you know what your audience want, you’ll know what to say them, where and how to say. Base their behaviour, wants, needs and interests around your content. Most importantly make sure your content adds some value to them, you have a matter of seconds to engage them before they close your site and move elsewhere.

4. Optimise for mobile

Smartphones and tablets – we practically all have one and as such mobile traffic is increasing all the time, especially with the introduction of responsive websites, making the user journey and experience better and more streamlined than ever before. Make sure your website or blog is mobile friendly and ready for those on-the-go visitors.

5. Avoid social media disaster

One of the easiest things to do on social media is to create an account, post a few times, then forget about it and leave it, or, create a profile but fail to manage it. Putting your brand out in the public space is great for getting your brand out there and involved with others, but it also means you’re more exposed. Always make sure you are monitoring and managing your social media accounts well. Remove any complaints, hecklers or potentially damaging comments, or handle them in a professional way. Whatever you choose to do, don’t just leave them there.

6. Go beyond the last click in analytics

Track everything. Use custom URL’s to track visits and clicks to links you post, track your social media activity, website stats etc… A lot of this activity can be synced up to your Google Analytics account, so all your stats are logged in one place.

7. Don’t broadcast

Again, this goes back to the main fundamental of marketing – know your audience. To really improve your digital marketing strategies, you need to know what they’re looking for, what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. Basically, it means don’t splurge out all the jargon and keywords under the sun. But be specific and relevant to your own audience.

8. Goals driven measurement

Set up goals in your analytics and focus on how your audience is reaching these goals. Understand how they come across your site, what pages they visit, what they’re reading and how long they’re on your site for. Understanding all of this will help you to hit your goals and evolve your digital marketing strategies as time progresses.

Thanks very much for reading my breakdown of how to improve your digital marketing strategies. Let me know what you think of my tips in the comments section below, or perhaps you’ve got your own tip you’d like to add for improving digital marketing strategies? Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section or come chat to me on Twitter, thanks!

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