2013 TV Christmas adverts

It’s one of the highlights of the year for many retailers; the Christmas advert. In saying that, it’s also a festive highlight for consumers and TV viewers all over. I remember way back in the 90’s, Christmas adverts were dominated by the Coca-Cola adverts (we all know which one), but these days it’s more of a level playing field and other retailers actually stand a high chance at having the most talking Christmas advert. Below is rundown of some of the best 2013 TV Christmas adverts.

John Lewis – Bare & the Hare

I’m a sap when it comes to Christmas, so for those who know me well, it’s no surprise to say that yes, I did shed a tear when I first saw this advert. But it’s full of everything a Christmas advert should have with a big dose of the feel-good factor. I love it and for me personally, I always look forward to seeing the John Lewis Christmas adverts who for me, set the bar pretty high back in 2011. Definitely one of the best 2013 TV Christmas adverts.

Coca-Cola – Holidays are Comin’ Truck

An oldie reused this year for Coca-Cola, but still good all the same. I long for John Lewis adverts every year, however, having grown up with these Coca-Cola adverts, it still isn’t Christmas to me until I’ve seen the Coca-Cola Christmas ad. The red truck, the song and the line ‘holidays are comin’ ‘ is synonymous with Coca-Cola. I don’t really care if it’s a new ad, or an old one, I just love these ads full stop. The highlight of my festive period.

Google Nexus – Container

Another feel good Christmas advert here, from Google. I think it’s a lovely ad and a great way of showing how Google can bring people together at Christmas time, no matter where they are – so a great selling angle there for them. Definitely one of my favourite 2013 TV Christmas adverts.


Honestly, what is there not to love about this advert? It’s a ginger bread man singing Disney songs, combined with Britain’s most loved cheeky chaps, Ant & Dec! It’s not often I like a ‘supermarket-only’ advert, because they tend to be all very samey, talking about how they’ll beat competitors pricing & how they have more sumptuous meat & blah blah blah. I think this ad really is all about a bit of Christmas fun, still gets across Morrisons point & makes you smile. Love it!


The past few years have seen Boots relying on the ole ‘here come the girls’ Christmas ads, so it was a nice change to see them do something different this year. An ad that focuses on the old Christmas values of giving, it’s another nice all-rounder amongst the 2013 TV Christmas adverts.


Considering I don’t think I’ve ever shopped in M&S in my life, I always have a soft-spot for their adverts. They’re always well-made and have this quality about them that as soon as they’re on, you know (or at least have an inkling) that you’re watching an M&S ad. Re-creating some classic films, this ad to me, does a great at portraying the magic & mystery of Christmas. Helena Bonham-Carter is also a welcome addition!

Hope you liked my roundup of the best 2013 TV Christmas adverts. If you’ve got any you’d like to add, please share them in the comments section below or let me know on Twitter, thanks!