One year of blogging

Today marks my blogs first birthday! It’s been one year of blogging and I can’t wait to continue. I’ve done a lot and learnt a lot, so to commemorate my blog being one year old I thought I would discuss a bit about what I’ve done over the past year, what I’ve learnt and what I want to do in the future.

I’ve always done some form of blogging, whether I’m talking about places I’ve visited, giving Tumblr a crack or even going back to the days of LiveJournal where I kept a personal blog. But I always lost interest and gave them up – mostly because my life isn’t that interesting and who cares what I got up to that day? Marketing is not only my career and what I studied, but it’s also my passion, which is why I think I’ve enjoyed keeping this going.

One year of blogging: why I started

My blog is actually about four years old, but back then it was some dodgy old thing I designed myself, which I also used as a portfolio for my uni work with the odd random blog post here and there. Last September I decided it was time to give it a new lease of life, delete all my old posts and start afresh.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and always had topics in my head to write about, so I guess that was my reason for starting. Marketing is my passion and it’s an industry that’s always changing and evolving, so there’s always lots to talk about and which inspires me to continue.

What I’ve accomplished

Looking back over my one year of blogging, I never expected my blog to have evolved the way it has. I was originally inspired to write about work experience, as that was my biggest learning curve at uni and something which I felt I could give plenty of insight about.

Over the months, this idea then developed into speaking to marketing and ad folk about the importance of work experience and how they made it into the industry. This is probably one of my proudest achievements of my blog so far and I never expected it to take off the way it did. I’ve spoken to people from a number of companies such as Rolls-Royce, innocent smoothies, Procter & Gamble, Saatchi & Saatchi, Fallon and AKQA (to name but a few) and some of which I still speak to now, which is great!

I had people approaching me on Twitter to interview them and also had my interviews featured on YCN, which was a really big thing for me, being that I spent my three uni years taking ad briefs from them.

Another learning curve was last November when I decided to give Digital Writing Month a go (and failed!) But I learnt a lot from giving it a go and had fun writing for it all the same. My subject of choice was focusing on ‘how Red Bull have positioned themselves as a lifestyle brand’, moving away from their energy drinks image. One thing I never expected to happen though, is for these topics to become my highest ranked posts month on month. I even get several emails a month from people emailing me asking for sponsorship (much to my amusement). I suppose I should be flattered?

Future plans

Considering I started my blog with no set goals or plans, I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s definitely been a ‘learn as I go’ experience. But now that I’ve reached my second year I’ve got some ideas, plans and goals in place already, so I’m hoping this year will be bigger and better for my blog.

Over the course of my one year of blogging, my top 5 blog posts have been:

I find myself staring at my analytics whenever I can, I find it so interesting to see what people are reading and searching for. I’ll be especially interested to see what posts are the most read come this time next year.

Until then I’ve got some plans in my head and I’m really looking forward to kicking off my second year of blogging. Watch this space!

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