Milka gives its last chocolate square

Milka gives its last chocolate square in the recently launched campaign, “dare to be tender”, asking customers to donate their last square of Milka chocolate. It’s a similar intention to that of offering your last Rolo to someone (I’m sure well remember the ads), I understand the logic, but will it work for the brand?

 The new campaign, targeted at French consumers, finds bars of Milka chocolate being sold in stores with one square of chocolate missing. Consumers may either claim online for the chocolate piece to keep for themselves, or they can donate and send it on to a loved one, by using a newly built Microsite for the campaign.

As I mentioned previously, the campaign is based on the idea that the last chocolate piece is often saved, or offered to loved ones – as portrayed in the old Rolo adverts, but this has a more modern twist to what we saw previously. The idea is lovely, it has a very nice sentiment and by watching the promotional video (below) it looks as though it has been very well executed – you donate your last Milka chocolate square and a few days later it appears through your loved ones letter box all wrapped and with a little message – but will people actually be bothered to do so, all just for one square?

milka gives it last chocolate square

It might sound cynical to some, that I wouldn’t take the time to go home, turn on my laptop, go to the website and write an endearing message to a loved one about how I “saved my last chocolate square for them”, but honestly I wouldn’t. Perhaps I would as a one off, but I think after that one time, the novelty would have worn off and I’d find the whole thing too much effort. Personally.

But speaking of effort, in order to create these ‘one-squared-missing-bars’ Milka had to change their whole manufacturing process for this campaign. Throughout the term of this campaign, they’re expecting to sell more than 10 million of the ‘specially made bars’. What do you think? Is this more than just a nice sentiment? Would you take the time to send someone your last square every time you bought a bar of Milka? Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comment section, or come find me on Twitter.

Milka gives its last chocolate square image here