Fallon wins Netflix European advertising account

Advertising news feeds are full and happy to announce the news that ‘Fallon wins Netflix European advertising account’, after being shortlisted in a series of stages against other London agencies, Mother and VCCP.

The London agencies were contacted back in July and shortlisted for a recent final stage, where Fallon were up against Mother and VCCP. Currently Netflix, the Californian-based TV & movie streaming company, work with Crispin Porter &Bogusky for their US account and have never worked with a European agency before.

The different stages the agencies had to go through is not yet clear, not is it clear whether Netflix are looking for a full campaign, or a one-off ad (which could possibly lead to more advertising activity).

Netflix offer access to a number of popular American TV shows such as Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, The Office and Arrested Development and have seen a positive increase in users since launching in the UK in January 2012. The need for an advertising agency is backed up by an expected large marketing push, to support its expansion in Europe and to compete against its biggest rivals LoveFilm, BSkyB’s Now TV and Blinkbox.

This is great news for Fallon and I can’t wait to see what work they come up with for Netflix. I’ll post more updates as I hear about them, so stayed tuned here!

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