Account Manager job description

After the success of my advertising interviews, I thought I would write up a bit about each of the job roles, so you could get to know more about them and decide which sounds like the role for you. This week I’ve written up an Account Manager job description.

You may not know what an Account Manager is, or what they do, or you may have a rough idea an Account Manager job description. Either way this post is for you, to help you understand more about the role and what it entails.

Account Manager job description: What is the role?

Advertising Account Managers are responsible for getting their clients messages out to the public as smoothly as possible. They are the main contact between the client and the rest of the agency staff working for that particular client (Planners, Creatives etc). It is common for Account Managers to work on more than one client at a time.

An Account Manager will break down their clients brief, understand their goals and objectives and utilise the skills on hand from the agency to create an advertising campaign.

What is the work like?

The work can be hard going and stressful, with several projects and clients to manage at any one time. But it can be a very rewarding job.

Account Managers responsibilities are broad and can include researching clients products, services, target markets and competitors, present proposals to clients, pitch for new accounts, travel to meetings and meet clients frequently, ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

What is the salary like?

Salaries vary massively from location to location and from agency to agency. You can expect to earn a higher wage for one of top advertising agencies in London, than elsewhere in the UK or for a small sized agency.

On average though, salaries tend to start between £15,000 – £20,000 for first-time Account Managers. As you move up the ranks, build your experience and prove your worth, then you can expect to earn around £30,000 to £45,000. Account Directors may fetch a salary of £55,000 to £90,000. However this all dependant on experience and the agency.

What are the hours like?

Long hours are very common in both advertising and Account Management. Staff are expected to put their clients needs and projects first, meaning working hours have to work around their clients, in order to meet deadlines. Evening work and weekend work are common traits of the job.

More often than not, as an Account Manager you will be based in the office, however some travel (national or international) will be needed for meetings and when seeing clients.

Getting an Account Manager role

To be an Account Manager you need to have a range of skills, such as being a clear communicator, be good with figures, an analytical mind, good negotiating skills, organised, flexible, imaginative and good at working as a team.

Some of the best routes into Account Management are via work placements, graduate schemes or internships. These can last anywhere between two weeks to two years, depending on the agency and the scheme.

Other routes into Account Management can be via job sites, job postings and trade magazines. It is an easy role to get into in that there are always plenty of opportunities around, however competition is high and so it can be difficult to get your first step on the Account Management ladder.

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