Top 5 best TV adverts by Wieden + Kennedy

This is my fourth post, in the series where I look at five of the best adverts created by some of the worlds best ad agencies today. Previously I looked at ads from BBH, Fallon and Mother. This month I have looked at the top 5 best TV adverts by Wieden + Kennedy, another favourite ad agency of mine.

5. Nike I am the rules

I am spoilt for choice for great adverts by Wieden + Kennedy, but this has to be one of the first to feature. Nike are well known for their interesting, creative adverts and I believe they have Wieden + Kennedy to thank for that. I’ve picked this as one of my top 5 because I love the drama and the build up they incorporated into the ad. It’s also a great way of getting across the different industries and sports Nike are worn for, from dancing and boxing to football. The ad also has a really unique way of portraying that Nike are no longer just a sports brand, but a lifestyle fashion brand too. The sequences of short, sharp sentences “defy tradition”, “defy stereotypes” etc get this across perfectly, whilst acting as motivational messages for what their core audience believe in and strive for. The ad is fast paced and dramatic and I love it.

4. Honda Hands

Number 4 in my list of top 5 best TV adverts by Wieden + Kennedy, is a some recent work by the agency, Honda Hands. The movements and the sequences are smooth and flawless and covers Honda’s engineering curiosity and their products in an creative, interesting way. I think this ad is simple, yet engaging and fun. At times I feel it drags a little, I get the gist, but I’m just impatient. Overall I love the ad and think this is some really great work by Wieden + Kennedy.

3. Honda Impossible Dream

Throughout this series I have tried hard not to double up on clients, unfortunately so much of Wieden + Kennedy’s Honda work is too good to miss out and this ad is no exception. To me this is a classic. I mentioned in the above advert that I love how the agency managed to portray each of Honda’s products in one ad, from engines and bikes, to cars and boats. But I think it was already perfected in this ad, it’s not possible to top it. One of my all time favourite pieces of work; Honda Impossible Dream.

2. Old Spice

This next ad in my top 5 best TV adverts by Wieden + Kennedy was a tricky one for me, in that I couldn’t decide between placing it at first or second… but I think when you see my top choice, you’ll see why this had to come as a close second. I also struggled to choose just one Old Spice advert, because I loved the whole campaign. The only difference with this ad is that the other 4 ads have been created by W+K London, while this came from their Portland office. However, fantastic, memorable ad, which I think really put Old Spice back on the radar again and gave it a fighting chance in the market. Seriously, seriously love this whole campaign. Very well done and very well made.


1. Honda Cog

Finally (and probably predictably) at number 1, is Honda Cog. This ad deserves top place not just for it’s sheer creativity, but because it was all filmed in one smooth take. It may have taken them a few tries, but they got it spot on in the end. The ad is flawless and much like The Impossible Dream I think this ad will go down as a classic. It’s an advert people take great joy in watching and I know several people who still talk about this advert to this. I also know someone who loved the ad so much he wrote to Honda and got a copy of it on DVD – that is great advertising right there. Even more so because it wasn’t one of those ads where people are so drawn in by what’s happening they forget / don’t notice the brand or the product, on the contrary, I have always heard it referred to as “the Honda Cog advert”. Again great advertising and brand reinforcement right there.

What do you think about my chose top 5 best TV adverts by Wieden + Kennedy? Do you agree with them, or is there another ad you would love to see in this list? Let me know in the comments below or give me a shout on Twitter if you like? Thanks!