This is how you market a game: Grid 2 comes with own race car at £125,000

I recently saw that Codemasters new game, Grid 2, has just been released. However to market the game they’ve thought of something a little bit different… Grid 2 comes with own race car and it’ll only cost you £125,000. What’d you think about that?

There’s nothing new about gaming companies offering ‘bundles’ to help market and sell their new games… but offering your own race car with a game? That’s pretty out there.

Codemasters have teamed up with The Bac Mono; a legal racing road car. Features includes a 2.3 litre engine, 280 bhp, carbon fibre body and it can reach 60 mph in 2.8 seconds; a top speed of 170 mph. So yes, Grid 2 comes with own race car, but you will have to fork out £125,000… is it really worth it? Well the guys at Grid 2 and Bac Mono have also organised a few other bits as part of the cost. Not only do you get your £95,000 race car, you also get:

  • A Playstation 3
  • A copy of Grid 2 with bespoke artwork
  • Bac Mono racing car, in exclusive Grid 2 livery
  • A day at the Bac factory, where you will have a tour, spend time with the technicians and customise your Bac Mono’s size and specifications
  • A Grid 2 Mono racing helmet
  • Grid 2 Mono race suit, boots and gloves, all made to measure

This may seem like an over-priced gimmick to some, but are you really telling me that as you’re reading this you haven’t tried visualising what your customised Bac Mono would look like? Or, if you had the money, you wouldn’t even tease the idea of purchasing it.

We all have that conversation: “if you won the lottery, what would you buy?” Honestly, this would be one of the things on my list. Arguably, having £125,000 disposable income is a once in a lifetime opportunity in itself, but owning your very own customised road-legal race car definitely a once in a lifetime thing. If you were in a position to spend that money on this game, that’s quite a statement; knowing that others may also have purchased Grid 2 for the car, but due to customising it at the factory, no other Bac Mono will be the same as yours. It is solely original to you and that price of £125,000 is a bargain to some people for the chance to own something so original.

Grid 2 comes with own race car

However, you may not agree with my above points. You may think it’s a ridiculous idea for people who have too much money than they know what to do with and could actually give that £125,000 to someone who needs it… maybe you’re right? But there is no denying this is a fantastic way to market a game. Whether they agree or not, it’s got people from all over talking about it and it’s got a tonne of media attention.

My boyfriend had been talking about how amazing the graphics were going to be in Grid 2 and how realistic it all looked and that’s why I think this whole marketing piece aligns with Grid 2 so well. Why play the game because it’s “realistic”, when you can have the real thing?

So Grid 2 comes with own race car, what are your thoughts about all things? Do you think it’s genius, are you dreaming of being able to buy it or do you think it’s a waste of time, resources and money? Leave your comments below or feel free to share your thoughts with me on Twitter.


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Bac Mono information here

Original article found on Mashable