Top 5 best TV adverts by Fallon

This week I’d like to feature an old favourite agency of mine and look at the some of best TV adverts by Fallon. Known for their creativity and sense of humour, Fallon have created some of the best and most iconic adverts of our time, so I thought I’d do a little recap on some of their best work.

Having previously worked at Fallon for a bit myself on placement, I am a little biased for how much I love this agency. However, biased or not, there is no denying that Fallon has created some of the best TV adverts around. Below is a list of my top 5 from their London offices.

5. Natural Confectionary Company

First up we have Fallon’s work for the Natural Confectionary Company. I pretty much liked the whole campaign Fallon did for them, so I found it quite hard to choose one particular advert, especially as a lot of the adverts featured the voice work of Matt Berry – brilliant casting. I love the randomness of these adverts and the one below, ‘Bring on the Trumpets’ always makes me smile. It’s the one I always think of first when I think about these ads, so Fallon obviously did something right there. The ads are fun, engaging and playful and get across everything you’d like to know about the brand. Love them!

 4. Sony Camera – Foam City

Next in the top 5 best TV adverts by Fallon, is one of the ads they created for Sony, advertising their cameras. The ad is completely original, interesting and beautifully shot, the team on the account managed to capture some beautiful shots; which helps to sell Sony’s product even more. The copy at the end goes perfectly with the whole of the ad. I love that Fallon actually did it too, it brings so much more life to the campaign. They got people involved and talking about it. They also did some brilliant “making of” footage.

3. Skoda Cake

Number three is an obvious one I think, whether you know if was by Fallon or not, you’ve all seen the ‘Skoda Cake’ advert I’m sure. I so much prefer this ad, to their follow up “made of meaner stuff” for the VRS. Again, like the above Sony ad, they also created some very interesting “making of” footage, which is always good! If you want added interest in your adverts, I behind behind the scenes stuff is always the way to go about it, it’s always interesting to know. Again, another reason this has made it into my top list, is because Fallon actually went out and made the  car, which I love!

 2. Cadbury Gorilla

Next in my list of best TV adverts by Fallon is another predictable one perhaps? Their Cadbury Gorilla. At the time, I was at college, but it was this advert that directed me towards advertising as a career. I remember completely “not getting it” when I first saw it, but that’s why I loved it. It made me talk about it with friends and it made me search for the ad and share it. People from all over also created spoofs of the ad, which when I worked at Fallon everyone said they loved! They loved that people felt inspired, or felt the need to take part. To have one advert, create that action is pretty strong indeed. An incredibly iconic advert from Fallon.

1. Sony Bravia Balls

Finally, is some more work Fallon created for Sony, this time advertising their Bravia televisions. Even after all these years, I could still watch this advert over and over again. The footage, the colours and the movement is mesmerising. I don’t think any advert has ever showcased the beauty of colour quite as well as Fallon have here. Hugely creative and original. For me personally, this is what put Fallon on my radar and one of the main adverts I remember them for. Once again, you have to check out the amazing behind the scenes footage Fallon made too.