Top 5 best TV adverts by BBH

This week I’m looking at 5 of the best TV adverts by BBH, one of the most prestigious advertising agencies around today. An agency with traditional methods and values, they’ve created campaigns for the likes of British Airways, Levis, ASOS and Lynx, with offices dotted about all over the world.

I’ve recently looked at the best TV adverts from Fallon and Mother, but figured it’s not possible to have a top 5 countdown and not feature BBH. Below is a list the top 5 best TV adverts by BBH, in my opinion. There are a couple of oldies here too, so I hope you enjoy the nostalgia.

5. Johnnie Walker Brand Heritage

First up is this 6 minute short film BBH created for Johnnie Walker Whiskey, featuring Robert Carlyle, to celebrate the brands heritage. The film was shot on location, in the hills of Loch Doyne. It was all one continuous take, no cuts or trickery. The team finally got the perfect take on their 40th attempt.

4. Lynx Chaos

At number 4 is a more recent advert from Lynx, advertising their new “for him and for her” range. I’ve always liked the Lynx adverts; they’re good fun, light hearted and hit their target audience on the nose every time, which is why this ad has made it into my top 5.

3. Google Satchel Company

Considering it’s advertising a browser I find this advert surprisingly heart warming – and inspiring! I don’t think BBH could have picked a better company, or conveyed Julie’s story in a better way. Love it!

2. Levi’s Flat Eric

The second in my list of best TV adverts by BBH is a really old favourite of mine. In fact I loved it the ad so much I went out and bought my own Flat Eric – fair enough perhaps the incentive should have been to go out and buy a pair of Levi’s, but I was only 9 at the time to be fair. Flat Eric was the next bets option. Incredibly iconic advert and well remembered even today, more than 10 years since its release.

1. Robinsons Pals

Finally at the top of my best TV adverts by BBH, is their latest work for Robinsons Fruit Juice. I love the turn around at the end of this advert, but for those who haven’t seen the ad yet, I won’t give too much away, but I love how the more I watch this ad, the more I notice little signs, which point to ending of the ad. Very subtle. I think this is a great, feel good ad – love it!