Top 5 best adverts from Mother London

I’ve been doing a lot of focus lately on how to get into the advertising industry and what Creatives, Account Managers and Planners from some of the best agencies look for from future talent. But I thought, that’s probably no good if you don’t know who the agencies are or what they’ve done. Which has lead me to start featuring a count down of some of the biggest ad agencies best and most known work. To kick this off, I’m featuring one of my top favourite agencies – looking at the best adverts from Mother.

I’ve been a huge fan of Mother and their work for a very long time, so whittling down the best adverts from Mother to just five was really difficult, but I think you’ll agree that this list certainly highlights some of their best and most iconic work.

5. Stella Artois Cidre – Le President

To start off with is Mother’s work for Stella Artois. I have previously discussed my love for this advert… the whole campaign in fact, looking at the ad connotations, my own interpretation of the ad and what I personally take away from it.

This is a fantastic campaign, leveraging Stella Artois away from their “wife beater” stereotype and into something more sophisticated.


4. PG Tips – Al and Monkey

Next has to be campaign featuring Johnny Vegas and Monkey. These ads have become incredibly popular over the years, from purchasing your own Monkey stuffed toy, to Mother re-creating famous scenes from films. It’s the characters who have made these adverts what they are. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years time, people are talking about the ‘Al and Monkey’ adverts, the way people talk about the Cadbury’s Smash adverts nowadays.


3. IKEA – Wembley Cats

This beautifully shot advert certainly deserves to be in this list. I remember when this ad was first launched it was all people could talk about – “they let cats loose in IKEA” etc… It was such a big talking point for people, that an agency had let dozens of cats loose in IKEA and filmed their natural behaviour and for good reason too! The finished product works incredibly well, combined with the lovely copy at the end. I think everything is wrapped up perfectly with this ad. Combined with the huge talking point this ad brought along, I don’t think it’ll be forgotten about for some time.


2. Coca-Cola – I Wish

I was in school when this advert came out (about six or so years now). At the time I didn’t really go much on the advert, but today I love it. I can still remember the song she sings and I haven’t watched this advert in years.

I also remember a girl in my school stocking up on Coke on the way home and trying to re-create the ad herself…to little success. Just a lot of strange looks. But the fact that the advert evoked to do so I think is incredibly powerful. Again, I think this will be an advert that people will always remember.


1. Frank – The Drug Mule Dog

Finally, at the top of the best adverts from Mother, is their work for Frank – Pablo the Drug Mule Dog.

I love everything about this ad. The art direction and copywriting is fantastic and I don’t think anyone would have suited the ad more than David Mitchell, who plays the voice of Pablo.

It’s informative, engaging and incredibly funny. Everything great advertising should be.