Margaret Thatcher Marmite ad for The Guardian

A simple admiration post from me for the latest work by BBH for The Guardian. The recent news of Margaret Thatcher’s death certainly has caused much discussion lately, even in death, she’s left the nation divided again. But who knew someone could take the creative spin on that, that BBH have? Take a look at their Margaret Thatcher Marmite ad.

I find this to be truly inspiring work. I love how it takes a second or two to look at the ad and take it in and then that feeling when that ‘lightbulb moment’ happens. Seriously fantastic, creative work by the guys at BBH for this print ad. I have nothing but praise for this and it’s true that often, the simplest ideas are the best ideas.

BrandRepublic said:

“It features a headline at the foot “One woman, a nation divided”, but it is hardly needed when you have such a strong image that sums up perfectly how many feel about the former Prime Minister – loved by some and hated by others. Great advertising.” Margaret Thatcher Marmite ad