Top 10 adverts from 2012

So 2012 is sadly over. It’s been an amazing year for brands all over, with the likes of the Olympics etc, so lets take a look at the top 10 adverts of 2012.

10. Honda Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

At the start of 2012 Honda treated viewers to their spoof of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, featuring the man himself – Matthew Broderick. The advert is very well done, taking a number iconic scenes from the film. As a kid I loved Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, so I love this advert for all the key area it includes, hitting all the right sentimental parts. Perhaps Honda trying to compare their CRV to the Ferrari GT California used in the film is a little far off yes, but I get that they’re trying to subtly get across that their car is just as well made and fun to drive. I love the nostalgic elements, it’s fun, light hearted and sticks in your mind – great ad.

9. Coke Zero James Bond stunt

I wrote a post on this ad when it first came out back in October. It’s a fun, exciting advert which ties in really well with the film. I think that’s a mistake a lot of brands tend to make; they get the chance to have a big tie in with an obviously film, but lack the ability to connect the two. Coke still had it’s downfalls though (the people are obviously actors, not the general public they claim to be), but it still gives the impression that you could be one of those people and gets the viewer involved. I like ad, it’s creative, fun and fast paced, so it rightfully deserves its place here at number 9.

8. Samsung Next Best Thing is Already Here

As with the above ad, I wrote a post on this ad when it came out. We all know Samsung and Apple aren’t on best terms with each other, but I love Samsung’s “couldn’t care less”, “tongue in cheek attitude” in this ad, mocking both Apple and their customers (“fan boys”.) There aren’t a lot of brands who are gutsy enough for an ad like this, but they’ve done it really well. In no way do they ever mention Apple’s name (though it’s obvious enough), it’s funny and it got people talking. I really like this ad, so here it is at number 8.

7. Ikea Playing With my Friends

I originally didn’t like this advert, but it soon started to grow on me. The focus is obviously on the kids and these unusually human sized robots and bears, but every now and then my focus is subtly drawn away to what they’re doing – “that’s a nice chopping board” or “I like how that table expands”. The rooms are light, airy and colourful making you think of what you could do at home with your Ikea items. The whole ad is colourful, fun and light hearted. Everything Ikea is. I like the connection everyone can make – kids making a real life tea party, turning into a real life dinner party and the practicality Ikea can offer.

6. John Lewis The Journey

It wouldn’t be a list of top 10 adverts from 2012 without a John Lewis Christmas advert. The Journey is everything a Christmas advert should be, it’s sweet and caring, emotional yet light. I admit my eyes welled the first time I watched this advert for some unknown reason – the sap I am – but I really love it. The ad gets across the effort we go to every year, to go that extra mile for something nice for our loved ones. A really lovely advert.

5. Think Box Harvey & Rabbit

I find it difficult to explain why I love this advert – probably because it’s just so obvious. We all have that horrible, manky dog toy we dream of throwing away, but can’t bring ourselves to do it because it’s our pets favourite. The human characteristics they’ve added to Harvey and the things him and Rabbit get up to is great – all things we have done ourselves. The ad makes you stop, watch and think. So I think it’s done a great job for Think Box, who are trying to get across the power of TV advertising and if anything is going to sway you to give it a go, I’d imagine it would be this advert. I love it.

4. Costa Coffee Heads

This advert is my guilty pleasure. I absolutely love this advert, it never ever fails to bring a smile to my face. The first time I saw it on TV the first thing I did was tell my boyfriend, so we left the channel on and eagerly waited for the next advert break to come on in the hope it would be played again. To me that is really great advertising. Albeit it might be because of my childish mind, but it got me excited, made me talk about the ad and made me want to see it again – I’m sure I’m not really the only one! It definitely deserves it’s spot in the top 5.

3. Acer: Bake It

I think anyone who watched 24 will have a soft spot for this ad, so perhaps I’m a little biased. I love the ridiculous connection between Jack Bauer…sorry Kiefer Sutherland and cupcakes. I think the ad is very well made and you can clearly tell the ad is a spoof of 24. The advert is amusing, fun, light hearted and a little tongue in cheek. I love it though. The supermarket scene has to be my favourite, I don’t think they could have picked a more serious, manly actor to ask about icing for cupcakes if they tried, followed by his desperation chucking them into the trolley. There’s not a big focus on Acer’s product, but then perhaps there doesn’t need to be? It’s subtle and it works for them I guess.

2. John Lewis Never Knowingly Undersold

Next up is John Lewis’ advert featuring a cover of INXS’s Tear Us Apart. The moral of the ad being that times change and things change, but the things that are most important, such as being together, (or perhaps products and values from John Lewis) never change. John Lewis Never Under Knowingly Undersold says it all really. I could watch this advert all day, I think it’s absolutely brilliant.

1. EDF Energy Price Promise

I will never forget how amused I was the very first time I saw this advert – I even looked online to try and buy the little poo (flame rather… though it does look like a poo). The ad is completely random and so different to anything they’ve ever done before. I really love it – funny, good fun and generally amusing to watch. The following campaigns were just as good, but as this is the ad that started it all off I thought it only fair to feature this one out of all them. Thanks EDF!

What do you think were the best adverts from 2012? Do you think I missed any? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter, thanks!

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