Boots No7 redesign

I recently saw that Boots-owned cosmetics brand, No7, have gone under a new product and branding redesign. Take a look to see the design and learn a bit more about the rebrand of the popular cosmetics company.

The Boots No7 redesign, is the result of four years of hard work by Two Create – the design brief is outlined below.

Having a huge passion and interest for cosmetic advertising and branding, I’m glad to see an own-branded company, like No7, doing so well and progressing to a cleaner, beautiful looking redesign.

Boots No7 redesign

Boots No7 redesign brief

According to Two Create, the brief was “to modernise the aesthetic appeal to new users, whilst not alienating loyal fans of the brand and at the same time introduce more coherence across sub-categories and help improve product navigation at the point of sale.” Meaning what exactly?

I see the brief as broken into two main parts:
1) Update the appearance of No7 products and branding to appeal to new customers. Though ensure it’s nothing too radical so as not to deter current, loyal No7 customers.
2) Create a more uniformed feel across sub-products and make it more obvious as to what other No7 products, work with that particular one. i.e. via colour coding.

Once the brief was in place, Two Create worked closely with the No7 team on new design directions and concepts. These concepts were shown to a number of women, from loyal No7 customers, to women who had never used the brand. Two Create said “we opened up a conversation and evaluated what women thought of our ideas at every stage of the design development.”

Their findings

On first impressions, this seemed more beneficial for the first part of the brief, understanding packaging design and development, but as their research delved further, they found they also got the answers they were looking for for the second half of the brief. Their research also gave them insight into the way in which women navigated beauty products in-store and when they’re at home. This allowed Two Create to devise their own product navigation for the brand.

“We assigned colours to skin types, grouped products into families and ensured that variants such as ‘day’ and ‘night’ were easily distinguisable both in out of their cartons.” – Two Create

The No7 logo itself remains intact and unchanged, though as you’ll see in the images, it is used much larger scale than previously, implying a bold, new brand confidence.

Boots No7 redesign mens products

The Boots No7 redesign for the Men range features bright colours distinguishing between various product catetgories such as Daily Care or Shaving and the product descriptions are set in uppercase lettering for a bolder, more masculine look.

What do we all think of the redesign? I personally really like it. I agree with the designers statements, in that in makes the brand look bolder and more confident on the shelves, which should benefit nicely when it comes to gaining new customers. I think they’ve worked hard to remain on brand and answer the brief honestly. I especially like their use of colour coding to differentiate between skin types and product categories. I for one, find it difficult sometimes when trying to find what skin type a particular product is suited for.

Boots No7 redesign images courtesy of Creative Review
Previous product design courtesy of Marketing Magazine