Nestle Golden Ticket campaign

Exciting news in the world of Nestle this week, who have just launched their ‘We Will Find You’ campaign – their version of a real life golden ticket competition.

About the Nestle Golden Ticket campaign

Six packs of KitKat, Kit Kat Chunky, Aero Peppermint and Yorkie Milk, will be fitted with GPS devices, which when enabled, (by opening the packet), a special Nestle team will track down the lucky winner within 24 hours and deliver £10,000.

To promote the ‘golden ticket’ campaign further, Nestle’s ad agency JWT, have also created an outdoor ad campaign which will run for two weeks. Three thousand six sheet posters have been fitted with touch points, which will take smartphones to the campaign’s landing page, where users will be offered the chance to enter a secondary competition, where they could win one of 2000 prizes.

The campaign’s landing page will also inform users, how many of the six GPS fitted chocolate bars are still available, motivating the need for consumers to buy more from the brand, in the hope of being one of the lucky six.

I think this campaign is genius! It’s created a huge amount of hype already and the campaign has barely even begun. It’s getting people excited and talking about the brand again. What better way to do so than to create a modern take on one of the nations most loved and most famous story’s?

Keep your eyes peeled for lucky looking chocolate wrappers and for news of one of six ‘golden tickets’ being found. If you’re on the hunt for one yourself – good luck!

Nestle golden ticket campaign - we will find you

Images courtesy of Hypebeast and Mashable